Tony Goetz
Transparent and reliable service in all
gold-related matters

The family owned business Tony Goetz N.V. has been a household name in the world of gold for over a quarter of a century. Our company owes its reputation to an impeccable service in precious metal trading. Besides trading, we assay and process all precious metals using our wide range of in-house expertise.

In recent years, Tony Goetz has made significant investments in new equipment: a new smelter with an annual production capacity of 85 tonnes of pure gold, a complete PLC-controlled refining division with high-quality water and air purifiers, and one of the industry’s most modern analytical laboratories for gold, silver and PGMs (palladium, platinum, iridium, ruthenium and rhodium). Environmental standards are carefully monitored and the safety of our employees and their working environment is observed by an internal safety coordinator.

Our assay laboratory uses the most up-to-date techniques. All analyses are performed by qualified assayers. These assayers are recognised by the Royal Mint of Belgium (National Bank of Belgium).

The uniqueness of our company is that we can provide our clients with a full A to Z service: from the assay and smelting to the purchase of precious metals. And this takes place in a highly professional and prompt manner and on the best terms in the market! We keep in touch in a personal and efficient way. Our strengths are flexibility and finding the right formula for processing and purchasing.

Tony Goetz has strict underwriting policies for its suppliers and clients. Our compliance department works closely with internal practitioners and external legal specialists who carefully monitor our transactions and test them according to the applicable regulatory framework. In order to maintain as high a standard as possible, we have joined forces with non-governmental organizations, government agencies and other partner organizations.

Tony Goetz’ main clients are jewelers and goldsmiths, jewelry manufacturers, brokers, gold exporters and traders, mining companies, as well as currency traders, recovery companies, gold funds, commercial banks, private and professional investors.

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